• Love Club | Original
  • Love Club | Original
  • Love Club | Original

    Love Club | Original

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    Original artwork on canvas board. 

    16 x 20 inches 


    Symbols of Love

    Symbols of love are scattered across the artwork - here is a little symbol guide.

    The three flowers in the middle - a red rose, a pink daisy and a yellow tulip, symbolise growth - encouraging individual and collective growth.

    L'amour Grandit Ici translates from French to mean 'Love Grows Here'.

    Red wine signifies indulgence, fun, and releasing inhibitions. 

    The cherry brings sweetness and good fortune.

    The moon encourages you to remember that you are loved, to the moon and back. 

    The closed eye is a reminder to relax and slow down.

    Stars symbolise destiny, divinity and power.